About Us

Sanilia operates in the field of construction business promotional umbrellas since 1960. We have extensive experience and expertise in the manufacture of umbrellas of all types to meet your requirements perfectly.

The excellent quality of materials and the conformity to standards of construction coupled with competitive prices, we rank the highest positions in the preferences of our customers.

Under constant development, our company has a strong presence in the Greek market with Folding Cover in various sizes that have unlimited applications (events, happening, concerts).

At the same time offer Folding Partitions and Interior Furniture-Outdoor, with the professional sense of the diversity-champion.

Our company, founded on three principles Quality-Creative-Evolution offers the most reliable solutions for any professional who wants the functional use of interior and exterior space, combined with the proper promotion of its products.

Our facilities are located in a private area 5.000 m2 acres in Marathon, Attica erected buildings total covered area of 3.500 m2.

Our premises

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