Beach parasols EcoLine

EcoLine,The classic advertising choice for mass promotional activities.

Use: Beach / Promotional activities

This is the ultimate “value for money” solution for beach parasols. It is the classic, European type parasol with a divided central pole and inclination system (25 or 35) and ribs and stretches from steel wire of special specifications up to 4mm thick.

It is available in dimensions up to 2.0m mostly of round shape, but upon request it can be also manufactured in rectangular or parallelogram shape.

It is covered with light but strong polyester fabrics, on which can be printed digitally either logos or combinations of colors. For its support, cater plastic bases (water- sand- or cement-filled) or, for beach use, bases nailed to the ground.

Central mast: 22/25mm and height 2.20m made from steel plate with an inclination mechanism.
Coating method: Epoxy Polyester, white electrostatic 200C

1.70m /8  code 170822C
1.80m /8 code 180822C
1.80m /10  code 181022C
1.90m /8   code 190822C
2.00m /10  code 201022C


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