Beach Parasols ProfiLine

ProfiLine,The classic advertising choice for mass promotional activities.

Use: Beach - Garden - Pool

The most advanced type of the classic European parasol. It also has a divided central pole 40 from aluminum or inox, ribs and stretches from steel rods 5mm thick and a patented system linking ribs and stretches for quick and easy replacement of the broken parts without moving the umbrella.

It is usually available in round shapes up to 2,5m and in customized forms, such as a pagoda or a mushroom.

The fabrics are selected from a wide range of polyester or acrylic materials or olephines in a variety of colors. A particular characteristic of those fabrics is their easy dismantlement, repair or replacement without the need for tools or removing the parasol: a unique advantage which places this parasol high in the “preference list” of hoteliers and beach businesses. 

Additional equipment, such as hangers, ashtray, small table, safe box etc is compatible with this type of parasol, adding the advantage of diversification.

For its support, cater plastic and metal bases (water- sand- or cement-filled), either nailed to the ground or stable.


Spokes made of special steel wire 5.00mm thick, with galvanized clip rivets
Central mast: 40 mm aluminium pipe or stainless
Mechanism: Extremely sturdy strictly for professional use. Includes a system of secured closure and 4 hook hangers attached to the runner. A patented runner system enables fast change of spikes.

Covering fabrics
A variety of choices in Polytex, Ecoluft, Progar, Dickson  

2,00m /10   aluminium mast Code 2001040
 2,20m /10 aluminium mast Code 2201040

 2,00m /10 stainless mast Code 2001040
 2,20m /10 stainless mast Code 2201040

 2,20m /10 stainless mast Code 2201040-C
curved spoke

 2,20m /10 stainless mast Code 2201040-C-P
curved spoke
PAGODA shape

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